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Bannu is a district of Khyber PakhtunKhwa Province (old name of the province was N.W.F.P - North West Frontier Province), in Pakistan. It is situated at a distance of 190 km, in the south of Peshawar. Its population is more than half a million. Majority of the population live in villages. Still the Urban area is overcrowded with people.

URBAN AREA: The urban area can be divided into two phases.
  1. Main city
  2. Cantonment area
Main City:
A wall was surrounded the main city. Entry to the walled city was possible through several gates. These includes Lakki gate , Parady gate, Qasaban gate, Miryan gate, Hinjal gate, Mandan gate, and Railway gate, etc. These gates were used to be closed at night. However, a few years back local authorities took a decision to keep them open round the clock, and now the wall is also almost removed except towards the Mandan, Miryan, and Hinjal Sides.

Chowk bazaar and Tanchi bazaar, are the famous business and social centers in the City.

The city is extended on the D.I.Khan Road Side, where a Fruits and Vegetables Market is Constructed named Durrani Fruit & Vegetable Market. Here business is running on good levels, and from this market, to several places, the Fruits and Vegetables are supplied.

Cantonment Area:
Second phase is cantt area. Here is situated a large Fort. Once its name was Dilip Sing Fort . A big golf course is also here, once it was polo ground. A public park named Rose Gardens is also here to which access is denied to the ordinary citizens.

THE VILLAGES OF BANNU: As stated earlier, that majority of Bannu population live in villages, but these villages are grouped into areas. Some of the major areas are:

  1. Surani
  2. Bazar Ahmad Khan
  3. Norar
  4. Mandan
  5. Mamash Khel
  6. Kaki
  7. Baraat
  8. Seru Bada Khel
  1. Shahbaz Azmat Khel
  2. Shah-Dev
  3. Man Dev
  4. Khojari
  5. Ghori wala
  6. Doud Shah
  7. Sukari

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